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When you have decided on the structuring of your dream office or house, the next thing you should look into is the roofing. There are so many options for you to ponder over when it comes to choosing the roofing options.

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If you are living in a locality that doesn’t require a lot of climatic threat you could definitely go for commercial roofing. Considering the audience of Michigan, commercial roofing is an excellent option. The material used for the building of these roofs withstands the basic climate conditions. And one of the most often chosen reasons for this roof is that they are extremely aesthetically appealing.

Commercial roofing is a builder-friendly choice. It has a withstanding property. And its lifespan is very impressive. As a matter of fact, if the roof is maintained regularly it may last a lifetime. They are also highly cost-efficient. From the initial investment made to the maintenance cost, these roofs are very affordable. The standard structure of these commercial roofs is slightly sloppy. They are very different from residential roofs. Commercial roofs are also standard weather resistant. If you are looking forward to installing these roofs, contact us at Ferndale Roofing Pros. Also, make sure to visit our website to know about all our roofing services.

Commercial Roofing Services

Types of Commercial Roofing

With standard commercial roofing, you get to choose the materials installed for your roofs. This might depend on the basis you choose from. The latter includes quality, resistance and also looks. Read more to know about the different materials used in the making of commercial roofs that can be chosen.

Metal Commercial Roofing – This is one of the oldest materials used in the making of commercial roofs. They are resistant and with accurate maintenance will last a lifetime. They are lightweight options. One of the major features of metal roofing is additional properties can be added to them. Like UV protection and resistance for rust and water resistance. Along with these options being cost-efficient, metals showcasing resistance for fire can also be chosen.

Polyurethane Foam Spray Roofing – Becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly, this is a great option to opt for. Sprayed in the form of liquid, the SPF material spreads over as a solid layer, creating a roof. It is resistant to the standard climatic conditions. They are cost-efficient options. And the thickness usually determines the cost accordingly. This is a waterproof option if you are looking for one. The layer created by this foam is clean and doesn’t leave gaps for potential leakage.

Shingle Commercial Roofing – Shingles structured in slopes are commonly seen in commercial buildings. They are one of the most opted for choices for the design. With looks that elevate the general aesthetics of the building, this is a great choice. Materials used in their making include – ceramic, wood, slate, plastic and others. Widely diversified into the asphalt and architectural shingles these two types are very common. While the former is more casual and cost-efficient, the latter is very strong and comparatively costlier.

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