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Following the decisions made regarding the rest of your home, you need to start a brief research on the roofing. This will be potentially the important decision you will be making regarding the development of your residence.

Top Rated Residential Roofing In Ferndale, MI

There’s so many options to choose from. And along with the choices, you need to figure out the right resources to work on your roof. When it comes to residential roofing, your preferences have to be sorted. Importantly because, this is the house you will be choosing to spend your life in. Safety takes first place when it comes to roofing your home.

Why does this become important especially for residential roofing? Mainly because, this house is expected to withstand severe climatic extremities. Through thick and thin, this house of yours is expected to keep the people inside it safe and secure. And you cannot compromise on this particular note.

Expecting climatic extremities is part of how you anticipate the structure of your residence. We, at Ferndale Roofing Pros, aim to solve this extremely important issue for you. Visit our website and know more about the services we provide in Michigan.

Residential Roofing

Different Types of Residential Roofing

When it comes to your house, you will definitely have a say in it. Regarding the customization you require with these roofs in terms of design and material.

Wood shakes and cedar shingles – If you’d prefer a great roof for the summer, this one’s for you. Provided with UV protection and resistance for the heavy summer times, this roof is a great option for Michigan citizens. With cedar shingles comes the fire resistant feature. These are also eco-friendly options considering the materials used are natural components. This is also a very cost-effective choice. The durability and maintenance enable the latter.

Slate roof shingles – If fancy roofing that also satisfies durability expectations is what you’re looking for, this is for you. With a very wide range of designs and styles for aesthetic appeal, these are great. They are durable in the sense, they are fire resistant and not vulnerable to rot. With sleek designs, they are very easy to maintain. They need attention when it comes to installation. And our team plays hero when it comes to installing them. They are comparatively more expensive.

Asphalt Shingles – This is the most predominantly preferred option for residential roofing. And that is because they suit the general climatic conditions of the US. And they are easily durable and affordable. From across the country, they are versatile with the different temperatures and sun exposure. They also provide decent resistance to water. Darker shades of asphalt are also available. They are chosen for their aesthetic appeal.

Choose Ferndale Roofing Pros

As we have mentioned previously, our company is based in Michigan. We are closer to your locality. And our services also include an in-house staff team to take up work full time. Other reasons that make our company stand out from our competitors include,

  • Our team is very well trained as they are selected into the company through experience and initial training provided.
  • Our services directly involve working with the clients and tending to their preferences.
  • Our services are very affordable and we work with all the technical aspects and materials that are available in the market.

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