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When it comes to designing your house, you need to look into the details with precision. This is your place of living and therefore safety has to be considered with extreme significance.

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Considering this, from plotting down the design of the residence to hiring the technicians, the place therefore begins. For the latter, you might always find good connections through friends or other options. But where do you find a trustworthy company that will enable you in providing the safest installation of all the above? We, at Ferndale Roofing Pros, aim to provide you with just that.

With us, you can always be sure that your preferences will be put first. Our team will work with your chosen timing and your building teams. We make sure to bring your dream to life with safety ensured. With the great experience our team works with enthusiasm throughout the period they are engaged in work with you. Our experience in this business provides us with insight. We know the evolution this industry has gone through. And we work along with it, improving our part in it. To know about our services visit our website. Also, make sure to contact us on your next project and invite us to work with you!

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Roof Installation Methods

Choosing materials for the roof to be installed is a tough decision to make. Similarly, the mechanism took up to install these roofs to your pace of living also varies. With different kinds of materials of roofs, different methods of installation are proceeded with. Some of them include,

Cedar shake and shingle – This is one of the most resistant types of roofs chosen to head over a place of living. With features that resist heavy temperature, wind and with assisted insulation, it is highly sought after. The shingles are usually tightened against one another with a two-inch space from the edge. The hips and ridges of the roof are placed in an alternative pattern. The overlapping pattern of the latter gives the roofing its standard look.

Metal Roofing – Metal roofing is one of the opted for options among the many. They are simply one of the easiest roofs to maintain. And they are easy to install too. As a matter of fact, metal roofs can be overlapped over a previously installed layer. Through-fastener systems and clip fastener systems are two of the ways these roofs can be installed. In the former, the nails in each panel help the attachment of one to the other through protrusion. With the latter, specially manufactured clips perform the attaching function. Through-fastener systems are usually chosen as the installing system as the grip they hold is more durable.

Asphalt Roofing – Another one of the most commonly chosen roofing, this is a traditional choice. Firstly the starter strip is installed. The shingles installed are tightened to make them fit just right. Following this, the layers of the roofs fit together. One against each other, the layer provides thickness. The slots of these are fixed in a way the old shingles do not mix with the newer ones. Maintenance of the pattern is important to the roof the look you aspire to achieve.

The speciality of Ferndale Roofing Pros

  • We have an experienced team that works with us and will make sure that you, as a client, are satisfied with our roofing services.
  • We provide licensed roofing services where the quota for our services are finalised with the client properly and make sure they are on board with us throughout.
  • We also provide roofing consultation services. This is where you can decide the types of roof you choose to install at your place.

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