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A company called Ferndale Roofing Pros conducts a variety of roof-related tasks, including roof repairs, roofing inspections, and much more. In Plymouth, Michigan, we specialise in metal roofing but are specialists in other facets of roof maintenance.

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Our areas of expertise are roofing and home remodelling. We have been offering these services for more than 20 years. To provide our customers with the finest service possible, we are licenced and insured. Our expertise include all types of roofing requirements, including residential and commercial roofing.

If you’re looking for a contractor with experience, quality workmanship, and competitive prices then Ferndale Roofing Pros is the company you want to talk to. Roofers at Plymouth Roofing are licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who know what they’re doing. We proudly offer a wide variety of services including asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep things simple in terms of estimating costs before starting the job so there are no surprises when it’s time to pay. You can count on us for prompt service as we understand how important your home is-and so do our customers!

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Why you need roofing in Plymouth, MI?

Roofing is an important part of your home. It keeps the rain and sun off your furniture, keeps the inside temperature more balanced, and can even keep you warmer in the winter. There are some basic roofing maintenance tips to keep up with. The first thing that you want to do is inspect your roof for any damages or leaks. You’ll want to check for missing or damaged shingles, signs of water leakage, water pooling at a specific area, and anything else unusual on your roof like moss or algae growths. If you notice any of these things start inspecting them right away so that they don’t cause major problems later on down the line. The next thing you can do is inspect your gutters if they’re full of leaves or other debris then make sure that they’re cleaned out before it starts raining again since this can lead to water coming back down into through them rather than going out through them which isn’t good!

Residential Roofing

Roofing Installation

Roof installation is a crucial phase of the home construction process. A roof is the first line of defense against weather. It provides protection from rain, snow, and sunlight. We specialize in all jobs related to roof installation: new roofs, repairs to old roofs, and storm damage protection for your home with products like tarping for leaky ceilings and walls. Roofs are installed by professionals with specialized training in roofing installation techniques including proper ventilation and insulation as well as safety procedures when working on a roof. Roofers equip themselves with special gear to prevent injury during the job; this includes goggles or glasses that protect their eyes, gloves to avoid cuts or scrapes, and boots that provide traction on slick surfaces such as wet shingles or wet tiles while they work among other safety gear A typical residential roof takes about two full days to install. The entire installation process usually takes six weeks from start to finish but can vary depending on a number of factors such as weather conditions etc.


Roof Repair

Roofing is the process of covering a building’s roof with materials such as shingles or metal to protect it from weather. Roofs are usually built with a waterproof material to keep moisture from getting inside, but this doesn’t always work, and leaks can cause damage. When water leaks into the building, it can cause mold and mildew growth on walls, ceilings, and furniture. It also leads to rot on roof rafters and ceilings that may not be easily repaired. If left untreated too long, the roof will collapse in on itself because of rotting supporting structures or water seepage weakening them further still. Please contact us today if you have any questions about roof repair or would like an estimate!

Roofing replacement

Roof replacement is a process that involves removing the old roof, replacing the decking, installing insulation, and then installing a new roof. The time required for the job can vary depending on what type of roof you have and how much insulation you need. In general, it takes about one week to remove an old roof and install a new one. The most common roofing materials are shingle, metal, tile, clay, and concrete. Roof replacement is one of the largest investments that homeowners will likely make to their property. A roof can last anywhere from 10-30 years depending on the quality of materials used and climate conditions in which it was installed. In general, roofs should be replaced every 15 to 20 years on average due to wear and tear caused by weather conditions such as wind and rain. There are three types of roofs: Metal Roofs need to be replaced every 8-12 years; Asphalt Shingles need to be replaced every 10-15 years; Clay Tiles can last for 50+ years! If you need a reliable roof replacement company in Plymouth, MI, please call us now at (248) 290-9341.

Gutter Services

Gutters are an integral part of the roofing system, and when they stop working properly, water may leak into the home. The gutters that carry water away from the house can clog with leaves and other debris, which can result in issues like mold growth and excessive moisture inside your home. There are a number of factors that can cause leaks around your roofline, so it’s important to be proactive about inspection and repair. When you spot any signs of issues like leaking or missing shingles, you should contact roofing contractors in your area for professional assistance with gutters or other aspects of coverage repairs.

Gutters are often installed on the roof with a rubber seal along the side. The seal is usually glued to the roofing, as well as around the pipe and downspout, to create a tight seal. Gutter guards are also installed at this time to prevent leaves, twigs and other debris from entering into the gutter. The installation process differs depending on what type of metal you have on your roof – aluminum or steel. Aluminum gutters must be installed before any shingles are laid down because they will twist and bend under their own weight if they’re installed afterwards. Steel gutters can be added at any time, as long as you put new shingle tabs over them so that water doesn’t seep in between them and rot out your shingles.

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Are you concerned about the state of your roof? Do you regret deciding to replace your roof? Do you have any idea what to do if your roof needs urgent repair? Please contact Ferndale Roofing Pros if you have any additional questions. If you use our website, send us an email, or communicate with us in any other way, we will react as quickly as we can. For residential and commercial clients, we specialise in flat roofs, green roofs, conventional tiling, single ply systems, liquid roof coatings, and a variety of other classic and modern roofing services. In addition to installing leadwork, solar panels, roof lights, and rainwater collecting systems, we work with a wide range of high-end roofing materials. For residential and commercial clients, we specialise in flat roofs, green roofs, conventional tiling, single ply systems, liquid roof coatings, and a variety of other classic and modern roofing services. In addition to installing leadwork, solar panels, roof lights, and rainwater collecting systems, we work with a wide range of high-end roofing materials.



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Plymouth is a city in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan, near Detroit’s northern border. It is about twenty-two miles north of Detroit and ten miles south of Ann Arbor. The population was 9310 as of the 2010 census. Plymouth has a reputation as an affordable and desirable community with good schools, low crime rates, modern infrastructure and attractive housing prices compared to nearby communities such as Livonia or Troy that are only a few minutes away by car or train but much less expensive than homes located on the Detroit border closer to Grosse Pointe or Bloomfield Hills.


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